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Text for Page 074 [07-02-1860]

             Bob has been humbugged.
Bob fuddling himself on my whiskey.   He
has been temperate during his sojourn in Cuba.
We went out subsequently at 10 � for some-
thing to eat at the Optimus, when he let
out some few � but a few things � about his
employment.   He has come back as poor as he
went, but for experience and expense being
paid for him.      These were high; he had to
pay $4 a day for board.             He asserts the
�being employed by government� and �detective�
business story is literally untrue, half admit-
ting that the enterprises which Ledger enga-
ges in are undertaken on private speculation.
(This was confirmed by Cahill latterly.)    Bob
has evidently some distrust of Ledger�s not
paying up handsomely, he questions the probabi-
lity of his return to the U.S.          Bob�s trip
has evidently not proved a successful one.  He
returned with but two Spanish gold coins
in his pocket.    He apparently went under two
names in Havana, for he showed me his pass-
ports &c and a permit to go over the Moro,
in the latter of which was inserted his assu-
med name.      At the Post Office to-day he found
an immense batch of letters awaiting him, money,
amounting to $130 or more and instructions
(I have no doubt from Ledger) to come to               
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