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Text for Page 075 [07-02-1860]

                   Taking Care of Him.
England.   Wherefore he proposes to start next
Saturday, to go via Liverpool to Scotland, then
to London.       Fearing he might get on the spree
and spend his money, he made it over to me
to keep for him.       At the Optimus he proposed
hiring a carriage and making �just two calls�
but I overruled him and brought him home by
12 �, safe though tipsy.
  3.  Tuesday.  Chores.  Out to tailors, Bob
going with me.  Haney came to announce Nyack
as the place proposed for the Edwards� pic-nic,
as last year.       In doors till 4, then down-town.
Met Mr. Edwards in Broadway, who asked
as had Haney, whether they shouldn�t see me to-
morrow.   I had been dubitating it, thinking no
but said yes.     Incidentally mentioning Bob Gun,
the kindly old boy bade me bring him.        Met
Oliver Hillard.  (Hitchings prospering in Boston.)
Down town, return.        Writing and chores.   Bob
Gun, Boweryem and Symes occasionally preva-
lent in the evening.   Out at 11 � with the for-
mer for soft-shelled crabs and got home hardly
before 2 next morning.
  4.  Wednesday.  Woke up suddenly at five minu-
tes past 5, aroused Boweryem (who comported
himself like a demented and electrified frog on the
occasion) and Bob Gun, did showerbath, dressed               
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