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Text for Page 076 [07-04-1860]

          How to spend the Fourth of July
and out with Bob through the explosive streets
to 745.  Folks just going to start.       Into carriage
with Mr and Mrs Edwards, Jack, and Matty, the latter,
in pink-spotted dress, wide brimmed round hat,
rosy cheeks and good humor.     Bob Gun on roof
or beside driver.    Other folks in another carriage
ahead of us.       Arrival at Jay or Hammond St
pier and embarkation aboard the crowded Ar-
menia.    Haney, Welles, Rees and his sister,
the girls, Miss Ann Edwards and presently
a Captain Worth with wife and little daughter.
A thinnish, sunburnt man, who had brought
things from the girls at San Francisco to their
father and got an invitation to join us.          He
had been in China and the East, Madagascar,
Arabia and elsewhere, told stories and proved
himself an acquisition and a good fellow.  Off up
the river, the inevitable Calliope playing the inevi-
table patriotic tunes.    Smoking, loafing, chat.
Bob and I got breakfast below; more smoking,
loafing, chat &c.       Day bright and breezy, flags
flying; passed the Great Eastern.     Our party in
groups at fore-part of the boat.      From this to
that, generally social time.    Talk with Sally, who
reckoned up her recent companion Rees, in one calm
and concise epithet.    Chaff about last 4th of July,
talk of the little sketcher of the Garibaldi revolution,               
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