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Text for Page 077 [07-04-1860]

              At Nyack on the Hudson.
presumably at that work now.    Nyack.    Nichols awai-
ting us.     To his house, which looked as if a year
ago were yesterday.    Smoking, cherry-eating, rambling
in orchard, talking with the girls, fun generally.
With the men for a swim in the Hudson, across
garden and down steep bank in front of Nichols�
house.  All in but Bob Gun (who can�t swim,)
Mr Edwards and Sea-Captain.     Luxurious time
of it, Nichols with leaves on his head like a Triton.
Back to the house.     A Virginia reel, I danced
with Matty.     Bob Gun rather used-up, wanted to
return to New York and presently did it.      Out in
the orchard again, more fun and fruit-eating
and innocent flirtation.  All jolly.    Half an hours
summer rainstorm, previous to which I had been
swinging Sea-Captain�s little daughter and one of
Nichols� in a rope hammock under the trees and
keeping �em laughing for thirty minutes.  In the
house, on piazza.          Dinner.     Eliza on one side
of me, got on famously, we had previously tacitly
made up little quarrel and she had stuck a flower
in my button-hole.     General loafing, smoking
of cigars, drinking of claret and talk on the piazza.
Little girl making wreathes of oak leaves for the
elder ones hair; papa Edwards asleep in arm-
chair.      Welles and I talking to Sally.   Rees, Haney,
Jack, Eliza and Matty off for a boat excursion;               
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