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Text for Page 078 [07-04-1860]

          �The broad, bright Tappan Zee.�
Welles, Sally and others followed.    I had doze
on sofa in parlor, Sea Captain, wife and others
asleep in t�other end of the room.   Folks back.
More loafing.   Men off for another swim; I
took walk with Sally, Ann, Sea-Captain, his
wife and little daughter.    Back to tea.   By
7 � all crossed the Tappan Zee on the Ferry-boat.
Had Eliza�s company henceforth and the girl showed
very good and kind and sensible.     Looking over
the broad evening water we talked of it, of drown-
ed people, of misery and happiness in the world,
of whether she�d every cross the Atlantic and
present of her disposition and � faults.        Like
her sisters she is very inquisitive about what you
think of her, wants to be liked more than the others.
But how good and warm-hearted the girl is,
how she responds to truth and kindness!   Now
God bless all of them! as I missed, as we were
rushing home-wards in the railroad cars, my
thoughts of the girls being more than half prayer
for their welfare and happiness.       In the little
walk with Sally, preceding supper, just as we re-
turned to the house, I looked at the lovely land-
scape, the bold rocky bluff, all clad in its
summer beauty and the lovely river, and it came
into my heart with indefinable pain that these dear
girls must grow old, experience sorrow and suffering,               
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