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Text for Page 082 [07-07-1860]

                   How the Row ended.
ter, for the purpose of throwing it at O�Brien,
which intention was frustrated by Wilkins and
Shepherd, who held him from his adversary.
After that there was clamor and cackle.    House
asserted the truth of his statements, called O�Brien
�a muscular beast� more than once, told him he
would not have dared to attack a man physically
his equal and sat down calling for drinks, in-
viting the company to partake.    They did not
do this, so he drank his lager himself.     O�Brien
said but little in reply, keeping aloof with Shep-
herd and Winter or Mullen, and presently de-
parting with them.  A whimsical mistake ended
the affair; House having looked about for his
hat, O�Brien mistaking a table-napkin for
his adversary�s handkerchief, handed it to him,
with a dignified Celtic bow.   House, drawing
himself up, replied, �I cannot accept anything
from that person!     And Pfaff receiving the
napkin, walked off with it!      O�Brien sub-
sequently sent Mullen to House, offering him
the �satisfaction of a gentleman� but House,
not recognizing �the code,� the business is sup-
posed to have terminated.         O�Brien has just
the Irish courage which would enable him to
fight a duel, had House, on having his face
slapped, rushed forwards and delivered two or               
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