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Text for Page 084 [07-07-1860]

               Old Briggs �wants to know.�
three good, wholesome, brutal blows in his ad-
versary�s countenance, he might have got the
better of him.     The audience feeling is so strong
in Irishmen, that let them suppose that the spectators
think they are getting the worst of it induces that result.
Their courage is three-fourths made up of vanity.  Most
of the Bohemians side with O�Brien in the matter.
They all live in such glass-houses that any throw-
ing of stones becomes an impertinence, to be
generally resented.      I dare say House�s loose
talk has made him privately objectionable.    Besi-
des O�Brien�s stupendous assumption, occasional
large gains � always exaggerated in the telling �
and dishonest generosity, evidences an unconscious
deference to him, as also his superior depravity,
for it�s a damnable truth that a man may
rise in the estimation of his fellows from his
wickedness.                        Writing &c.   Down
town in the afternoon.      Going into the �Courier�
Office, I found Shepherd, Frank Wood, and
George Arnold seated at the table.  Alluding to
their presence to Briggs in the inner room, I sup-
pose they were writing their �cards� about the row,
when Briggs began to question me about it.          Ob-
taining nothing, out he bustled to ask the others,
with a similar result.        He wanted to write a
paragraph or editorial on the subject, for tomor-               
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