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Text for Page 086 [07-07-1860]

                     A remorseful Sot.
at,� said Bob Gun, my informant.     Arnold
showed her portrait to Gun, who inadvertently
rallying him on it, in Giles� presence, excited the
lover�s suspicions, which were only allayed by Ar-
nold�s exhibiting another portrait, borrowed by 
Bob Gun for the purpose.        This Giles was a fre-
quenter of �30� too.
  8.  Sunday.  In doors all day, writing
during the morning and part of the afternoon,
loafing and reading, the rest, till Bellew calling,
he and Bob Gun came up in my room, remaining
till supper-time.     Evening in the parlor, with
Lizzie Woodward (as the name is, properly spelt)
her sister, Griswold and occasionals.
  9.  Monday.  Syme up, pronouncing himself a
�d____d drunken blackguard,� remorsefully sit-
ting in an extreme corner of the room with a very
grave expression of countenance and deploring that
�everybody (in the liquor business) trusted him.    I
inspired him with the brilliant idea of bustling a-
bout and getting his preparations advanced so as
to accompany Bob Gun and off he went to give
out his linen to the wash.    Wrote steadily through
the sunny, sultry day till supper time.       Damoreau
and Shepherd in Bob Gun�s room in the evening;
there awhile, then out together, dropping Damo-
rean at the corner of Broadway.    To Pfaff�s,               
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