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The Vault at PfaffsAn Archive of Art and Literature by the Bohemians of Antebellum New York
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Text for Page 087 [07-09-1860]

	At Pfaffs, 745 and Elsewhere.
to find George Arnold, Bob Gun hoping to get
Yewell�s Parisian address from him, I having
written Gun a letter of introduction.  Arnold
was there, in the �Bohemian� cellar, with Walt
Whitman and Mullen, whom I saw for the
first time � a coarse-looking young fellow, with
his coat off, in deference to the sultriness of
the evening.    I left soon and went to 745.
Haney, Welles and the girls there, Eliza on
sofa, indisposed and soon went to bed.   Talk-
ing, first, with Sally, then Matty and a pleasant
time of it.      Presently Jack came down and
anon Mrs. Edwards, Paterfamilias being un-
well and abed.     Stayed till 11 as usual, and
turning out, Haney and I turned into a newly-
opened �Canterbury Hall,� where was singing
dancing, buffoonery and clamor of applause
in progress.         Leaving this, in half an hour,
encountered Mort Thomson, fresh or rather
weary, from the office, where he had been �noticing�
a new burlesque of Brougham�s.      With Mort
Haney went off.    Thomson looked jaded, I thought,
as if Life were not �all beer and skittles� to him,
even with Grace Eldredge for Queen-pin.      When
I got home, I found Bob Gun and Shepherd in
the latter�s room engaged in writing libellous
fictions of each other on the margins of newspapers,               
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