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Text for Page 028 [09-12-1849]

              having advised me &c.   To Mr. Swanacre. Call again
at 12 next day, for proof to make a drawing or so. To
David�s. Tea.	Then, unencumbered with drawings started
on an exploration of the town.    Along the wharfs, then up
the entire distance of Chestnut Street, all along by Barnums &
the Panorama Exhibitions. The Arcades. City very quiet after
ten o�clock. Back by 1/2 past 11, glass of ale, bed and
  13. Thursday.   Taking omnibus at The Exchange � �a
cursed kind of carriage without springs�, was jolted some two
or three miles to Fairmount, with intent to see the water-works. 
River Schuylkill. Statues. Fountains, rocks, trees, very
prettily laid out.   Glorious view on the highest past � one
able to make a man thank God with all his heart for having created
such a beautiful world. The Waterworks. Hugh wheels revolving
� the rushing noise of water.   Delicious idling for an hour. Embarked
on a little Steamboat, and for 10 cents had a trip of the Schuylkill.
The lovely, refreshing verdancy of the woods on the bank mirrored
in the water, (the ripple-less, glass like water,) as distinct as if
another calm and beautiful world slept below.   There sat I, under
the awning of the gay little boat, (two flags with the stars and
stripes flying,) in a perfect reverie of delight, and gratitude               
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