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Text for Page 088 [07-09-1860]

                Bob Gun departs for England.
and throwing them out of the window into the yard!
  10.  Tuesday.  Writing all the morning and till
4, then, by omnibus to the Battery, to see Bob
Gun off for Boston, from whence he starts to-mor-
row for Liverpool, having taken his passage in
the Europa yesterday.    A lovely summer�s day, the
usual crowd attending a steam-boat�s departure; 
only myself to see Gun off, a contrast to his
farewell for Havana.        A kindly fellow, albeit
over prone to the sins that grow out of the frailties
of the flesh.      He proposes going first to his na-
tive Scotland (�Crieff near Madderty� or vice versa)
then to London and Paris, to return to New
York in November.    He intends to look out for
Cahill in London and has taken the newspaper
extracts about his defalcation, for Cahill�s edifica-
tion.    Apropos of that young man, he had the vani-
ty and presumption to point out Matty Edwards
in Broadway, to Bob Gun, as a girl he was en-
gaged to be married to, naming the month
when the wedding was to come off!  This over a
year ago.      I wonder whether he told the same lie
to others.       He was loose-souled enough in every
way.       Whether from him or Gun, McCulloch
had ascertained Ledger�s presumed vocation, and
he aspired to be admitted to the honorable craft of
Judas Iscariotism!         It edifying to find how               
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