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Text for Page 089 [07-10-1860]

           The Friendship of the Wicked.
many know of that business.            As an illus-
tration of Bohemian friendship, I must chroni-
cle a saying of Arnold�s about Cahill, subsequent
to the discovery of the defalcation: �He had better
cut his throat, now!� said he.       There�s a most
dreadful and damnable isolated selfishness at
the root of that phase of life, notwithstanding its
pretence of good fellowship and sociality in sin.
They whore and drink together, say sharp things
in company of and at the expense of each other,
but let one succumb into tangible dishonesty they
bury him with an epigram or a bit of revolting and
affected cynicism for his epitaph.   It�s like the
revelers in the Castle of Indolence.       Up town
and writing all the evening.     I�m getting poor and
want to finish story for Harper�s.
  11.  Wednesday.  Writing till 6, queer and sickish
in the morning.  Phillips (of the Illustrated News)
came up at 1, lunched with me and stayed half
an hour.     At 6 to 16th street, supped with Haney.
In his room with him and Larrison subsequently.
Out with Haney to Palace Garden; music, singing,
dancing, promenading, cigars and lager.  Met El-
dredge and his wife and Perkins.      Leaving, strol-
led down Broadway and into 745.         Sally and
Eliza there, the former practising on the piano, Matty
being with Jack, on an evening�s visit to Captain               
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