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Text for Page 090 [07-11-1860]

           A big Fire at Washington Market.
Worth and family, whom it appeared on the girl
and her brother�s entrance, they had followed to the
Rees� residence in Brooklyn.     Jack brought news
of a fire at Washington Market, so after staying 
an hour at the house (we went in at 10) Haney
and I set off to witness the conflagration.  Drop-
ping in at Bleecker Street to change coat, and
pausing at Shepherd�s door to invite his company
I saw the evil face of O�Brien in his room.
(He appeared at our breakfast-table next mor-
ning.)     To the fire.     Three acres space of sheds
and shanties burning, the top of the market pro-
per covered with human beings, the flames light-
ing up the figures and faces, the streets, river
and shipping with a wondrously picturesque ef-
fect.    Making our way through the crowd and
puddles and over the hose-pipes of the firemen,
which lay strewn around like the entrails of me-
gatherii or other extinct monsters, we went aboard
the Barclay St ferry-boat and so to Hoboken, get-
ting a fine view of the conflagration, both in cros-
sing and returning.   It was a cool, clear night,
a tranquil crescent moon in the sky, her luster
paling before that of the temporary smoke of the most
exquisite colors, here and there diversified by a
great wave of ruddy flame marked the scene of               
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