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Text for Page 091 [07-11-1860]

                 Picturesque Scene.
the night.    The masts of the shipping in front
stood out black and ragged, looking curiously
irregular out of perpendicular.   Disembarking,
again on the New York side, we mounted the
piles of the ferry-wharf and surveyed the bur-
ning area.         Not many projecting objects were
standing, it appeared a bed of bright fire,
a row of men sharp and blackly-defined on
a pier before us and more farther on, seem-
ingly in the midst of the conflagration.  When
we got out into the street again, the steam fire-
engines were at work, puffing like a Mississippi
steam boat.      We made two attempts to get into
close quarters with the fire, threading the intrica-
cies of butcher�s shops, amid the suspended car-
cases of sheep, by potato sacks, where rough
men conversed or boys lay sleeping, through
crowds of firemen and lookers-on, but could 
not penetrate very far, being checked, good-hu-
mouredly enough, by the police.    Ahead of us
was a blur and smother of conflagration, in
front, an engine with a row of men, seemingly
up in the air, working heavily, the machine rocking
to their labour with a ricketty thud, disorderly
monotonous to the ear.       Homewards by an
overcrowded 3rd Avenue Car.        The last south-
ward view we had of the fire, presented an omi-               
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