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Text for Page 093 [07-11-1860]

	Going to See a Man Hanged.
nous, angry, dusky red aspect, volumes of
sullen firy smoke, such as might crown the 
citadel of Dante�s Dis, obscuring all the hori-
zon.       Got home about 2.          Rawson Gill
has gone to Central America again.  His brother
is at Niagara with their mother.
  12.  Thursday.  Writing.  Larrison came by
noon; down town with him to Nic-nax Office for
blocks, then to P. O. and elsewhere.   Up town.  Did
drawing on wood in the evening.
  13.  Friday.  After breakfast, to the foot of Ca-
nal Street, having yesterday received a ticket ad-
mitting me to the execution of Hicks alias Johnson
the pirate and murderer, to be hanged to-day on
Bedloe�s Island, the first public spectacle of that
sort here, it is said, for twenty-nine years.       At
the end of the old Collins dock, by 9 o�clock, a
crowd of perhaps a thousand persons had gathered
together, officials, reporters and hangers on to the
municipal government, all of whom, myself included,
presently went aboard the steamer Red Jacket, char-
tered for the purpose in hand.       Among the news-
paper men were many I knew, the first of whom
I recognized was Welden, with him Garland, Webb
and Armstrong, all of the �N.Y. Times.�   Joined
their party.     The day a beautiful one, bright,
sunny and sultry, the boat crowded.   A great               
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