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Text for Page 096 [07-13-1860]

	The Gallows on Gibbet Island.
close on shore, almost in front of the spot where
the gallows was erected, could be seen the sloop
E. A. Johnson, on which the wretch committed
the triple murder he was to die for.        It had a
gay flag with its name on at the masthead and
oystermen, friends of the murdered captain aboard.
If Hicks looked about anywhere he must have
seen it. (We had observed it before, at Canal
Street.)   Marching out, four abreast, up the little
pier and a hundred yards or so to the right, we
found the gallows standing on a green sloping
bank, close by the water�s edge, behind it a
hollow square of U. S. soldiers, into which we
were conducted and told to seat ourselves on the
grass.       One supporting beam of the gallows ended
in a narrow inclosure of rough planks, their
tops being left uneven; in this were the weights
and man appointed to cut the rope which loosen-
ed them and effected the execution.   We were
close behind the gallows, at a few yards dis-
tance.        They put the cap over the murderer�s face
(his arms were closely pinnioned behind) and in
a minute or so he stood with the rope about his
neck, the sheriff on one side, baton in hand.
This he struck thrice, with a pause between each
blow, on the enclosure.   At the third Hicks� body
rose swiftly, with no jerk or extreme violence,               
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