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Text for Page 098 [07-13-1860]

	      After the Execution.
cut down, however � or rather untied � until
within twenty minutes of noon.  Then followed
a general tendency to be confidential; strangers
addressed each other, interchanged opinions and
agreed that everything was very creditably per-
formed.    Rynders was complimented and
told us that he had offered the prisoner the
opportunity of making a dying speech (�addressing
the citizens present,� he said � a phrase smack-
ing of Tammany) which was declined.   By
noon or soon afterwards we got aboard &
the boats began to disperse, one steamer firing
off a couple of guns as a farewell salute.
We steamed back to the city in lively manner,
some incidents diversifying the route.      A
fellow was brought aboard in a half insensible
state, and some sympathy expressed for him,
under the impression that he had received a sun-
stroke.   But a physician being sent for, he com-
menced throwing water over and slapping his face
in an energetic manner, which medical treatment
proved successful.      The man was drunk.
One Campion, or some such name, an Irish-
man and reporter for the Herald organized a
meeting in the saloon in order to propose a vote
of thanks (!) to Rynders and made a perfectly
well-intentioned but exceedingly hobbling speech, a               
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