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Text for Page 100 [07-13-1860]

                  Charley�s Accident,
tired, looking in at Leslie�s by the way.
At supper-time a letter from Hannah.   Always
the same love and trust and devotion! what have
I done to deserve them?        And Charley and
little Rosa Bolton seem to draw towards mat-
rimony, after all.  He, kind fellow, having
suffered a good deal, mentally and bodily, comes
home one night to Rodney Buildings, after all
had gone to bed and falls at the front door,
cutting a long gash in his temple with the
edge of the scraper, injuring his teeth and losing
�over a quart of blood,� which according to the
medical man, saved his life.       So little Rosa
goes to London, and this incident, in connexion
with the information that Hartley had been �in-
vestigating into what property she would inherit�
from Davids, once William Bolton and now
Charley�s friend, has brought about a deter-
mination on her part to become my brother�s wife.
Hartley, it seems, wanted to secure �an eligible
match� among many he knew of, and had
never proposed to Rosa; �this is what she
really has been waiting for.�    She has visited
Hartley at his house, too! and people cackled
scandal about it.      Davids remonstrated with
her and Barker, Charley�s London friend,
wrote her a letter telling her she wasn�t worthy               
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