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Text for Page 101 [07-13-1860]

                And Intended Marriage.
of him, a bit of truth I�d have put in
harder shape.  Last Good Friday time, Char-
ley �talked seriously� to Mrs Bolton anent Hart-
ley and she disapproved of her daughter�s doings
� of course.    So Rosa �has quite made up her
mind, says �the struggle is over� and she�ll
marry Charley, to whom she has told �all her
heart and what she has felt and acted with Hart-
ley!      To be sure she has! all these revelations
are evidences of her capacity for candour and
truthfulness!         However the little girl under
the influence of a sudden revulsion of feeling may
have done so, and �all go straight,� as Han-
nah says henceforth.      They are to be married
in Autumn, from our house, and take a bridal
trip to Paris.            Well, che sara sara!   Who
mayn�t be mean in love? willing to accept
arts and fragments and half-meals when denied
all the heart hungers for?   I was, when Mary
Bilton began to cool towards me, and shall
I forget the misery and humiliation of it?   I
kicked through though, when infidelity came in
and tore ^|myself| apart.    Would Charley be wiser in
doing so?    God knows, not I.    He is so good
and gentle-natured he may teach the little scion
of a selfish stock, to love as much as she can.
Hannah likes her, judges her kindly, says �she               
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