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Text for Page 102 [07-13-1860]

                       Rosa Bolton.
has the ability to make home happy, being very
thoughtful and industrious.�         She impressed
me pleasantly five years ago, talking of
her miserable life at Neithrop, of Charley and
of my sisters� instinctive dislike to her.  That,
manifested with the unwise frankness of women
and sisters, had set him against them; thus
their very affection, alloyed by jealousy, produc-
ed estrangement in him who had caused it.
My dear Mother � God bless her! � accepts 
little Rosa.      She told Hannah �how kindly
she (my mother) had recieved and behaved
to her, after she had caused her so much
anxiety for Charley�s sake.�       What a
tragedy it all is! what an old, old story!
how common and how touching.  Everywhere
those who love unwisely or too well or who are
not loved.      Maybe poor little Rosa has had
her little heartache in its unselfish corner about
Hartley, and suffers as well as inflicts suffer-
ing!     Well, God pity all of us!       Honest
Henry Heritage, who wanted my Hannah to
wife has got one now �partially deaf� and of a 
mean and obstinate disposition.       Mary Anne
Chinner cultivates the amenities with the Herita-
ges now, having cut them for years.        I won-
der whether that canting, exacting, vulgar               
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