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Text for Page 103 [07-13-1860]

            At the �Illustrated News� Office.
woman wouldn�t have proved a notable wife
for Ned after all!       A shrew has her uses.  But
she�d have been an intolerable sister-in-law.    Its
queer to observe that honest Sam�s boy wooing
and wedding, in opposition to all common-sense
and discretion, leading to a bread-and-butter
shop-keeping-paradise, has proved the most suc-
cesful of my brother�s courtships.    Does Providence
keep on special look out for the innocents, I won-
  14.  Saturday.  Wasting the good wholesome
forenoon in attempts to see people down town,
principally Bonner at Harper�s.    Called at the Ill-
ustrated News Office and found Alf Waud and Sol
Eytinge doing muscular club practice in their office,
a sort of artistic aquarium, being glass-walled.
Sol and others went off to Crook and Duff�s
and Alf and I presently did the same, after
he had shown me some of his Japanese Wash-
ington sketches and some recently-received from
little Tommy Nast, at Palerno, on Garibaldi
revolution subjects.   Alf was objurgatory, as
usual.       I left him with Haney, on the steps
of the Nassau Bank, telling Banks who
happened past that he was �an ugly man.�  Up
town.         Looking into Shepherd�s room, on
going up stairs after dinner, there was O�Brien,               
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