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Text for Page 104 [07-14-1860]

	A Boarding House Row
undressed and asleep on the sofa, a half
finished poem about the coming of the Prince
of Wales on the table.    I omitted putting down
one incident of his row with House.       After
the struggle, the latter demanded repayment
of monies loaned to O�Brien, who responded,
in his Mulberry Hawk voice, �I was not aware,
Sir, that I owed you anything!�      House stated
the amount.                Loafing all the evening.
Three just-arrived Britishers in the parlor,
going to board here.
  15. Sunday.  Jolly row in the hall, after
breakfast, between a little beast of a Cuban
or German, I don�t know which, and a Phila-
delphian who wanted to punch his head, apro-
pos of some lying he�d been guilty of about 
another boarder who had left without paying
up, and had his trunk detained in consequence.
Cuban had stated Philadelphia would be res-
ponsible.   Which Philadelphian knows to be
something of a rogue, having boarded with him
in the Quaker city.     Both adversaries have lift,
Cuban�s baggage having been subjected to the
same sharp practice as his acquaintance.        Wri-
ting till 4.          Phillips of the Ill. News up,
supped with me.       Out together.  I to 745,
Mr Edwards convalescing on the sofa, Honey               
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