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Text for Page 106 [07-16-1860]

          Dick Bolton comes to New York.
the wrong of it to his wife�s door; thus the weak-
ness, folly and selfishness of his marriage pro-
duces appropriate fruit.        I don�t moralize
about these things and summed this up sadly
in a word or two.        There was a big fire
and a thunderstorm visible from my window
and Charley left me to go to the former before 
the rain came and I resumed writing till mid-
  17.  Tuesday.  Richard Bolton arrived,
from Montreal, on an excursion; I had got a
newspaper, marked, yesterday, intimating his
coming.   A keen-looking, spare, darkish haired
young man, with a bit of a moustache and
light beard, such is the cousin at 26, whom
I first saw a spoilt baby bawling and
tearing his hair in childish passion, on a
threshold at the old house in Neithrop.  Pas-
sed the whole morning in talking with him.  Poor
old Mr Conworth died two months ago, very
painlessly.     Down town with Dick during the
afternoon, looked in at the Momus Office.
Ward the fellow who was going to carry on
the paper, paying Addey $300 for it, has
collected what debts he could, made others and
bolted.      He was engaged as a sort of errand-
man and general hanger-on, an Englishman               
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