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Text for Page 107 [07-17-1860]

	O�Brien in another Street-Brawl.
of the too-civil by half order, which inspired
Morris with a very favorable opinion of him in
opposite to my brutal condemnation of the fellow.
There�s something deliciously appropriate in this
sequel to Addey�s enterprise, which has let me in
to the very mild amount of $16.           Writing in
the evening till 10 �, Dick going out to join
certain of his Canadian fellow-excursionists.
When he came up this morning, I had just
been scribbling off pages 88 to 92 of this record!
  18.  Wednesday.  Partial solar eclipse.    Going
into Shepherd�s room I found him lying on bed
with his clothes on, looking very seedy, his under lip
nearly cut through by a blow from a fist.              He
had very recently got home.    Dining at Ittner�s
with O�Brien and one John Marsh, whom I have
heard of, they got into a dispute about abolition,
Shepherd advocating it and the two others going in
violently on the pro-slavery side. (Of course! catch
an Irishman on any but the mean and cruel
and oppressive side!)  The squabble was continu-
ed in a 6th avenue car, which being one admit-
ting colored people, on the entrance of a stalwart
negro, Marsh offensively objected to his presence
and demanded, with oaths and abuse, that the
man should be put out.         This the conductor
very properly refused, so the drunken fast               
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