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Text for Page 110 [07-18-1860]

	          A Call by Lotty.
O�Brien, as subsequently appeared, went to
a Broadway drinking-place, where the former in-
sulted and narrowly escaped a thrashing from
an individual who had once been bar-man of the
�Pewter Mug,� which, no less than his powerful
appearance, vouched for his pugilistic abilities.
Marsh, himself, is rather a dandy and coxscombe
in aspect.                     I forget to-day�s
detail, was probably out with Dick part of it,
and writing the rest.    Finished story in the eve-
ning and subsequently went with Dick to the �Op-
timus,� for ale.
  19.  Thursday.  Returning from a short walk
this morning, learnt that Lotty had called,
about taking board for her companion, Julia
Martin, who was with her.     Boweryem had seen
both of them, and I found Lotty subsequently at
another boarding-house, a block�s distance, whither
she had gone to visit a Mrs. Harlow, mother to
a sort of protegee of Boweryem and Paul.   This
mother is unchaste, one who lives by debt and
sponging, and these men design rescuing her daughter
from her.        They were all acquaintances at the
Unitary Home, where Lotty knew these Harlow�s.
Boweryem mentioning the girl�s position, Lott pro-
posed finding her a situation as governess, hence
her visit at the house in question.              I walked               
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