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Text for Page 112 [07-19-1860]

	         Hart in New York.
found Haney and Sally, the latter looking cool
and handsome.    The rest of the family were over
in Brooklyn, at the Rees�.      Stayed by 11 �;
seeing the Chicago Zouaves pass, in torchlight pro-
cession during the early part of the visit.          On lea-
ving found Paul and Boweryem at a hotel stoop
and drank with them.      A thorough day�s loafing,
but very enjoyable.
  20.  Friday.  At work all day till 1 P.M.  Did
five drawings on wood.   In the evening Hart, from
Louisville with a friend comes up, but not to stay
long.      He is well and prosperous, has gone into
the liquor-business, besides his other avocations, is,
I suppose, a rich man.             Dillon Mapother reported
to be very domestic, spending all his evenings at
home, in society of wife and baby.     Hart has been
in New York some days, and intends leaving on Mon-
day.       He will visit England next year.
  21.  Saturday.  Down town, hither and thither,
to Nick-nax Office, Paul�s, French�s (in search
of Hart, with whom I had made an appointment)
anon up in Times� Office, with Webb, then up-
town.      Dick came.    (He takes most of his meals
with me, sleeping at Taylor�s.     He tried sleeping
here one night, but the bugs bit him so, he could-
n�t stand it!)         In the evening with Dick and
Damoreau to the Atlantic Garden, in the Bowery,               
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