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Text for Page 113 [07-21-1860]

	An Excursion to Fort Lee.
where we drank lager, looked at the Germans
and listened to Verdi�s music.
  22.  Sunday.  Damoreau and Dick up,
as appointed; with them to Haney�s.   There,
with him and Larrison waited on hour for
Jack Edwards; he not appearing all set off
for 30th street, where we took a boat and
Damoreau, Haney and Dick rowed us up
to Fort Lee, the two first doing the labor.  A
pleasant swim in the Hudson.       By 2, Ha-
ney and Larrison returned in the boat, leav-
ing the rest of us to an afternoon�s loafing.
We ate sandwiches, drank lager, dozed on the
grass, ascended the cliff, looked at the holiday
folk dancing and sporting, and returned in
the 6 o�clock boat, which brought us back to
the city by 8 �.      A meal at Pfaff�s and
then we parted.                    Dick tells me that
Mrs Gardiner of Banbury is dead, which, and
an accession of money ensuing brought her son
Peter home from Canada.               No news of
Morris, wherefore Paul is wroth and hath en-
gaged on Siddons as another editor.      Morris
had $10 from Paul, giving but little in return.
Billington is in the country, visiting his parents.
He wrote to our landlady, apologizing for not
paying up, hoping &c &c.            Frank Wood,               
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