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Text for Page 114 [07-22-1860]

	  Dick Bolton returns to Canada.
has lost the �editorship� of �Vanity Fair,� on the
grounds of cliquerie and favoritism, and the Bo-
hemians talk of making common cause with him,
until he be re-instated.           Talk only, I take it.
O�Brien still spends some of his nights in Shep-
herd�s room.   He has sold a poem or so to the Har-
pers, squandered the money and gone hungry for
half a day together.   Shepherd, too, is �on a rock� as
he phrases it.        Arnold, he says he sees little
of.   �George is very much changed.�   He consorts
principally with Clapp and William Winter �the
  23.  Monday.  Larrison up and Boweryem,
the latter just returned, a little out of spirits, in
consequence of the absence of �Mary,� from a day
at the Phalanx.       Out awhile.    Dick came in the
afternoon.    Out with him to the foot of Liberty
street, there to see him and a friend off for Al-
bany, on their return to Canada.       The boat off
at 6.         I like Dick, though he has the secretive-
ness and some of the cunning of his family.
He got a letter from George during his stay here,
and, retailing some portions of it, I could tell
from a break in the sequence, that it contained
something pertinent to Charley and Rosa.     I be-
lieve the matter is corresponded about on their
side, no less than on mine and Hannah�s.       But               
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