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Text for Page 115 [07-23-1860]

            Harpers, Frank Leslie�s &c.
Dick would discreetly allow it to be inferred
that his sister is an artless little dear, devo-
tedly attached to Charley.    I tested his know-
ledge by mention of the Chigwell house and
the possibility that the marriage would follow,
and I could see that surprised him.         He is
very fond of George, is Dick, but yet shrewd
enough to see some of his defects.    Apart from
my repugnance to the stock, I like Dick.       I
shouldn�t wonder if George accepts Dick�s devo-
tion as he does that of his wife, not giving its
adequate in return. 
  24.  Tuesday.  To Harper�s.  John Bonner
thought the story would suit the Magazine bet-
ter than the Weekly, so had handed it to Guernsey.
Looks dubious.       Newman there, excited as usual,
just starting off to make sketches for them at the
workhouse &c.   I felt unlucky, by contrast.    To
the Ill. News Office, Alf Waud, Hitchcock and
Sol Eytinge drawing together.   Talking with the two
former.       Saw Clarence Eytinge pass in the ante-
room.   To Frank Leslie�s office, saw him.     Thad 
Glover there.    Will Waud is in Canada, apropos
of the prince of Wales� visit.     To Haney�s Office;
thence up town.    To 745 in the evening.        Mr &
Mrs E., Mrs Nichols, the girls, Jack and
Haney present.      The rest getting to whist, I               
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