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Text for Page 117 [07-25-1860]

              Morris in New Hampshire.
dress, with her dainty waist and sweet virginal
figure, her red lips upturned towards you, I
thought � well! that I should have dearly liked
to have kissed her.     In doors all the rest
of the day, downright ill with diarrhaeh.   A
letter from Morris, dated Berlin Falls, New
Hampshire.     Characteristic account of his journey
thither, of the �annoyances� he was subjected to by
the way.    First he couldn�t get at $5 changed to
pay carriage-hire and the boat started, defrauding
the driver, then the state-rooms were all taken
&c, and on their arrival at Portland, his com-
panion overslept himself, driving him �half-fran-
tic� with apprehension � �for fear the boat would
go off.�    He appears all right however, now,
and in pleasant quarters, working no more
than is good for him, and made much of
by agreable people.    �Breakfast by 7 or later,
sometimes a walk before, along the river; at 9
or 10 to work; dinner at 1 (except on Sundays)
chatting, reading, daily cigar and at 3.50 or
4 P.M. to work again, till 6;� this, condensed,
is his days routine.
  26.  Thursday.  Writing &c.    A Letter
to Hannah.   Heavy rain and thunder-storm in
the afternoon.    To 745 in the evening, with books
for the girl�s country reading.     Found them with               
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