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Text for Page 090 [04-30-1851]

              his paying me the $10 for the block.  /             An idle day, writing in the evening.
It�s now 11, rain plashing mournfully out of doors, and I�ll to bed.   Alf
ought to write.
  1. Thursday. To West Broadway Place, there to look at the house �taken� by Andrews,
then to the Post Office; down Park Place where I saw Mr Anderson, standing in front 
of the disordered office, all the things being in the course of removal to Wall Street.
Called on Richardsons, then to Holts, saw the old woman and intimated intention
of returning thither (for a week only, though didn�t say that.)  Afternoon stowing away
books &c. Mr Hall and Homer with me.       Out with Homer in the evening.
To the New Haven House to find Cross, thence to Frenchs where Homer got in converse
with a tall, black-bearded, fine looking travelling agent; � Cross arriving out with
him leaving Homer.   To Courtlandt Street, then returned. Talk of a certain invention
for plating metal with gold &c, imbibing, to New Haven House, to Watermans &
return at 12.
  2. Friday. Disposing of my baggage, partly in Mr Halls room, partly in
our former atelier the loft during the whole of the morning. Davis the sailor gilder
called.   /   Having completed my preparations for departure, leaving the room all bare,
went into Mr Hall�s room and sat with him and Homer.   Learnt that Cross
was some hundreds of dollars in his debt, and had acted otherwise unsatisfactorily,
wherefore I conclude my $10 is more than doubtful of recovery.  After dinner
my time up, descended to basement, cashed up, and closed the door of 177 Canal 
Street behind me, as a domicile.     Resolved on voyaging into Communipaw,
having been divers times checked by trivialities in the essay.     So with a queer
feeling of nondescript homelessness I crossed to Jersey City (�two days more will
bring the anniversary of my crossing there, for the first time, two years agone). Look
ing at the place whilome occupied by Ben Haun�s liquor store, � it was closed.
Was met and greeted by the Jew-bootmaker, occupant of George and Joe�s pork-               
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