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Text for Page 118 [07-26-1860]

	  Somebody�s Dignity Outraged.
Haney, on the back stoop, where we sat and tal-
ked to the occasional accompaniment of summer
lightning.   Presently the Rees� sister and brother
came to invite the girls to a visit to-morrow, asking Ha-
ney and myself also.       This Rees (there is another
brother) is but a shallow, coarsish fellow with a
superficial polish of French courtesy.     He did a
funny thing on the Fourth.  I had been �carrying
on� to amuse the children in the swing-hammock,
talking enormous nonsense, to their perfect amusement
when one inquired, with an �O! Mr Gunn!,� if
I always talked so!         I told her �No,� that I was
kept chained up in the city and only let out occ-
asionally for a holiday.    �I should think so, too!
said Rees, marching away, indignantly, at which
I and the little girls roared.         He made a sort
of indirect apology by markedly asking me
to take wine with him subsequently.            Sally
and Eliza go with their father to Grafton
Centre tomorrow.      Stayed till 11 �, walking
part of the way with Haney homewards.
  27.  Friday.  Out to P.O. and hither and
thither.  Writing.  At 4:50 P.M. to the pier from
which I saw Dick Bolton embark, to witness the
departure of the girls and their father.    Found Ha-
ney and Welles there.    At 5:50 the party appear-
ed with Knudsen, who accompanies them, and little               
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