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Text for Page 119 [07-27-1860]

Jessie, Mrs. G. Edwards� daughter.     Saw
them all off; returned up-town with Haney
in 6th Avenue car.   Writing during the evening
until now, about 10 o�clock.
  28.  Saturday.  Down town, to Harper�s,
to Haney�s office, Paul�s &c, met Alf Waud
and with him to Crook and Duff�s.   At Harper�s
I had seen the inevitable Newman, fussy and agog
with work to do for them, at Haney�s the boy en-
graver was at work on a block of Havard�s (the
whole paper is this month illustrated by him and
Waud and badly illustrated) � go where I would
this morning, everybody seemed to find work but I,
wherefore I returned home a little out of sorts and
went to writing.      At 10 P.M. to Bellew�s, sitting
talking with him till midnight.     He projects return-
ing to England in the Great Eastern.
  29.  Sunday.  Loafing part of the morning tal-
king to Lizzie Woodward, writing the rest and through
the rainy afternoon.      Evening to 745.     Mrs E.
Matty and Haney there.              A few Bohemian
items, got from Shepherd.     Clapp he estimates much
as I do, and knows much to corroborate that opinion.
A deliberately dishonest and utterly villainous borrower,
relying on his over-rated colloquial powers as the
chameleon or ant-eater or I know not what beast
does on its tongue � sticking it out for silly flies to               
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