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Text for Page 123 [07-30-1860]

                      Supper on Board.
I met Leslie aboard within half an hour of
my embarkation, and with him, two or three of
his acquaintances.    At his invitation we all adjourn-
ed below for champagne, just before which I had
recognized Rondel, with a friend, whom I found
again subsequently, two hours later, ascending up
the rigging with them, to the main-top, where we had
a grand view of the scene � as memorable a one as
any I have witnessed.      Some dozen others were in
the same elevation position.     A goodhumored Eng-
lish sailor came up with orders to dislodge us; only
our party obeyed him, when we sat on the rattlins
a good while.     Removing the tar from our hands by
the application of butter, below, we took sundry drinks
and presently I lost my companions, in time chan-
cing on Leslie and party again.     Outside of Sandy
Hook we descended to get supper.      The saloon
densely crowded, as see context; we had to wait,
obtaining nothing but champagne, till Leslie�s 
patience was exhausted, when he moved to another
table.     Here, by the foray�s of a half-drunk acquain-
tance of Leslie, baked by my rescuing a chicken 
from under the knives of the carvers, we procured
a tongue, a lobster (which was too bad to be eaten)
bread and butter and presently beef, which sufficed
to make a decent meal.    On deck again � hither &
thither � losing and finding people amidst the crowd.               
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