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Text for Page 125 [07-30-1860]

                       A Night on Deck.
With Rondel and his crony again; anon with one
of Leslie�s, or man who had known Levison and
who recognized me.   As the evening drew on, we
two secured mattrasses and presently lay down
on them, in the aft-part of the deck.   But a party
of singers made sleep next to impossible, so, at
my companions request, by about 11 o�clock, I
accompanied him below, into the ladies� saloon.
There we stretched our mattrasses in the space
between two long tables, in common with a dozen
others.   But the place was so insufferably hot, that
though I stripped, I could not sleep.        A good-hu-
mored, foolish drunken fellow, seated on one of
the tables, kept up a foolish talking all the time,
offering $2..50 for ice to dilute his hospitality.
On deck again, I presently found a clear, quiet spot,
and taking boots and coat off, lay looking at the
  {31.  Tuesday       clouds and night until I fell
asleep and so remained for a couple of hours.
But the �blocks� from the chimney stirred me &
after a detour round the vessel to look at the sleep-
ers, I lay down again in another place which I
retained till a slight rain-storm at day-break drove
me under an awning.   Was rather out of sorts in
the morning, but found Rondel and his friend, who
had passed a wretched night of it, especially the
latter, an English-born Bostonian, in New York               
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