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Text for Page 127 [07-31-1860]

	          Boweryem aboard.
for his first visit in a score of years or therea-
bouts.   Got a wash in the barber�s saloon and
afterwards breakfast, I helping myself as over-
night, and like that, paying nothing for it.   (We
had offered, but the confusion prevented.)  On deck
again and at length found Frank Leslie.        He
was going ashore, for Philadelphia, so he gave me
$5, his ticket for a berth and a bottle of cham-
pagne and departed.      Meandering round, met
Boweryem, who had come aboard from Cape
May, leaving Mrs. Boley, Miss �Susy� Woodworth
and Phyte ashore, at a hotel, kept by a friend of
the former.    The party accompanied the �Great Eastern�
in the Delaware steamer.             Took a tour of obser-
vation with Boweryem, went below, had claret
and hooked oranges.      By negociation and bribery
with friendly nigger in charge of dormitories, procured
a sufficiency of chicken, ham, &c., for dinner, and
conveying it to my cabin (against all rules) with
the bottle of champagne we made a good dinner, sub-
sequently turning into separate berths for a couple
of hours snooze.       Others came in and went out.
On deck again, hither and thither.       Rondel and
friend returned from on shore, with reports of a
great crowd, extortionate Jerseymen, blinding sand,
nothing to eat at this place, a meal of ham, taken 
perpendicularly at another.  Anglo-Bostonian, want-               
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