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Text for Page 133 [08-01-1860]

	         Lotty in my Attic.
Haney to the girls and I to him (dating from
the Tombs!) about my getting arrested on board
the Great Eastern, for stealing things and being
brought to the city in irons � Haney, F. Leslie
and Dixon combining to bail me out.
  2.  Thursday.  To Harper�s early.       McLenan
there and Du Chaillu, the African traveller and
discoverer of gorillas.   A thin, little, shrewd-looking
Frenchman.           Saw Bonner, read proof, got pay.
Newman came, fussy as usual.                  Called at
Frank Leslie�s, who had not yet returned to the
city, then home and to scribbling.           Wrote
all the afternoon and evening till midnight; long
account of excursion.     As I sat at work in
the hot, quiet, afternoon, door and window wide
open, nobody in the three other attics, myself in
shirt-sleeves and trousers, blazing away writing,
I was surprised by �� Lotty!x   I turned and
saw her suddenly at my elbow, looking espe-
cially brilliant and pretty.    She had come with
Julia Martin, about board for the latter, which
Mrs Boley hadn�t been able to effect.    Lotty
stayed about ten minutes.
  3.  Friday.  Chores and drawings � five sket-
ches in illustration of article � out once or twice, up
and down town, to washerwoman and elsewhere,
getting tired out by 3.    Doze, packing carpet bag,
	x It was her birthday.  She is 25.               
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