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Text for Page 134 [08-03-1860]

	Up the Hudson.  �Friends� aboard.
and off by 5 � or five minutes latter.    A run to
6th Avenue car, and down town.   Got to the pier
some three minutes after the boat had left, rushed
aboard the Albany one, just on the point of start-
ing.     Secured top-berth aft, strolled about and
in a narrow passage by the ladies� saloon, came
suddenly upon � Jim Parton!       He told me that
he was going to Rochester, that Fanny, Grace and
Mort Thomson were aboard, that he had learnt that
Haney, Jack and Matty had started by the Troy boat,
as Welles had seen them off, subsequently coming to him.
After five minutes talk we parted, I to a comfort-
able supper below.   (They do meals restaurant-fash-
ion now � very different from boat-practice, ten
years ago.)    Loafing afterwards.   When eighty or
ninety miles up the river, again encountered Parton
in the after-deck, and smoked and chatted with
him for half an hour.  Fanny, Grace and Thomson
were near us, which I didn�t observe until Jim
mentioned it, at parting.   A slight room-storm, directly-
afterwards, drove the whole party in, when I had the
satisfaction of surveying them, as I sat in an arm-
chair, newspaper in hand.          Fanny looked haggard,
and held Jim�s arm, as though she were his jailor.
Grace, in a hat and feather, with her hair grown
long again, looked tall and handsome.   Read and
smoked awhile, turning in about 10, to sleep               
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