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Text for Page 135 [08-03-1860]

	     From Albany to Grafton.
  4.  Saturday.  At Albany.  Up by 5, a
wash in barber�s saloon, then, ascertaining that the
Troy boat had passed, crossed the river by early
ferry, in a slight rain-storm, which presently
increased apace.  Had sandwiches and ale, then
aboard the 6 o�clock train for Troy, through a
heavy rain storm.      Eight or nine miles was soon
traversed and at the Troy House, from which the
Grafton coach starts, I found Jack and Matty Ed-
wards, with their father, who had come to meet them.
(Haney, it appeared, had disembarked at Albany,
there to join Parton, intending to accompany him
to Niagara.     This little plot, Fanny is ignorant
of, but her suspicions prompted her to propose go-
ing as far as Albany, to return, under Thomson�s
convoy, the next day.   So the friends get a brief
holiday together, Haney subsequently joining us, at
Grafton.)           At the Troy House we sat talking
in an upper room till 8, when the coach arrived,
into which we straightway bundled for a showery,
hilly ride of 14 miles.           It was a mere country
vehicle, carpet-sides, and transverse seats, two other pas-
sengers, a fresh-looking young woman and a girl
forming our complement.            Arrived at Grafton
by 12 �; Sally, Eliza and little Jessie out
on the porch to welcome us.     Also Knudsen, the
kindly Dane.           The Grafton House � kept by               
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