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Text for Page 136 [08-04-1860]

	In the Country with the Edwardses.
a man of the name of Collard � is a pretty spacious, white
wooden building, two stories in height, with out-
houses, barns &c.       Upstairs is a biggish, unfur-
nished, three-windowed room (in which I, at pre-
sent sit writing) with a bench running round three
sides of it, the fourth being big folding doors, lead-
ing to the girls� apartment.     This big room has
a sort of elevated soda-water counter at one end, design-
ned as an orchestra.           From the windows you see
an expanse of open hilly country.        At the two ends
of the room hang framed pictures in oil, of Knudsen�s
doing � views of the village, involving faithful delinea-
tions of detail and execrable execution.       Collard the
landlord is about 27, a young-looking fellow, has
been a baker in New York, also a hack-driver.
He has a good-looking wife, and is constable of the
district.                Rested all the afternoon, in the
evening going out for a walk and a row on one
of the adjacent ponds.   Sally rowed us round it fast,
and then I did.             A game at whist and all of 
us singing, in the big room subsequently, and to-
bed early.
  5.  Sunday.  A walk with papa Edwards,
after Jack and the girls, up the road opposite to
the house, all returning in time to go to church.
The congregation rustic, the men sitting on one side
of the building, the women on the other and in the               
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