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Text for Page 092 [05-02-1851]

              and lighting the big meerschaum,  and from the ease-bottle taking a hearty
draught to the memory of the Dutch worthies past, not without grateful remembrance
of the magician who has invented them with such pleasant thoughts; I pon
der on the days past.   Hendrick Hudson; and the Goede Vrow, the escape of
Communipaw from the dreaded Sir Samuel Argal in the Joy of the Dutchmen�s
pipes; the perilous voyage of the heroic followers of Olaffe, and the founding of New
Amsterdam.  Oh for the golden days of Wouter Van Twiller, those blissfull
days �when the shad in the Hudson were all salmon � when Buttermilk Channel
was quite dry at low water;� � the Dutch age of gold.             Anon walked
back, passing a stone house with pretty girl and child in the garden; �
on the beach talking with a boy, and a stout young fellow enveloped in
water proof extremities, busied in cleaning out a boat.  �They were Jersey
folk hereabouts� he said, �all went fishing and oystering; � he�d heard that
Communipaw was an old place.    �Endeavoured to get transported to Governors
Island, but finding it impracticable returned on foot to Jersey, and so to 
�Alleghania� as New York should be called.  To Sherwoods where I had
an oyster supper, and then to Holts. Martin walking up and down in
the hall as is his want at even-tide.     Saw the old woman, and learning
that she had let the moiety of the room destined for me, went, with Martin
to Robinson Street, their new boarding house.    Engaged part of a room
there, � to be faintly occupied by �a lad�.   Then parting with Martin, to
Liberty Street, and to the Tavern where were Mr Hart and Dillon, having
completed their Pelhamville survey.     Sat awhile, then to Canal Street 
for some things, and so, back to Robinson by 1/2 past 10.    To a white-
washed room, looking out of a hermetically fastened window into a sort of perpendi-
cular tunnel, with skylight on top.   Rough, good humored fellows playing
banjo and capering in the adjoining room.   Felt as if in person, not being
able to open window as want, but slept soundly, till morning, when my               
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