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Text for Page 138 [08-06-1860]

	            Rustic Pleasures.
leaving him by the way to talk with a certain
Dutchman, who had brought two bits of specimen 
slate for him to see overnight.   He, paterfamilias,
first became familiar with this locality in consequence
of his employing the owner of a mill, at Quackenkill,
to grind paints, in which he, at that time dealt.
Knudsen had wandered off to sketch, so Sally
and I kept on, along the sultry country road,
presently sitting down by its side, under the shade
of a tree, for half an hour.                    I think we
all went out for a ramble in the afternoon, but 
forgot particulars.
  7.  Tuesday.  Out somewhere in the morning.
After a doze in the afternoon, I went by the road
to the ponds, after Jack, Knudsen and Sally, finding
the two latter by the roadside in a little copse, Sally
sitting among the green leaves making wreaths and
ropes of fur boughs � one of the former on her head.
We pursued our walk for an hour, almost till
sunset, gathering raspberries by the hedges.   The
wreaths and ropes were designed as a welcome to
Hayes or Haney, both of whom were expected and
a big green H. manufactured and suspended on the
wall of the big room.            In the forenoon (I
remember, now,) we all went to the woods, along the
paid road, Jack taking his gun.            Idling, talking,
sitting in the shade or getting reddened by the sun-               
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