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Text for Page 139 [08-07-1860]

	     A brazen Baggage.
light � a pleasant, idle time.     Sally fell to my
share more than the others, and we had all
sorts of confidences � of which more here-after.
  8.  Wednesday.  A ride on horseback with
Eliza, to Quackenkill, about 13 miles of it,
there and back.    Pretty Catskill-like scenery.
The day sultry, though once a promise of rain
drove us into a house for ten minutes.     A bathe
in the second pond with Knudsen and Jack in
the afternoon.      It�s a fine sheet of water, with
copse on one side of it.     All of us in wagon,
with Collard driving, to Quackenkill, in the eve-
ning, in the expectation of meeting Haney, by
the coach, but he didn�t come.     All singing and
chorusing the whole way, there and back.      Either
this evening or the last there was a good deal of
noise down stairs, in consequence of our host, in
his capacity of constable, having arrested a woman 
for leaving her husband and cohabiting with ano-
ther man.       She had slept in the woods for a
night or two, to avoid arrest.        During her exam-
ination, in the hall below, all the folks hereabouts
assembled, and much laughter and perspiration
was evolved.    She was a brazen baggage and
would make remarks which set the whole crowd
whooping, offering to kiss a man, then and there
for a glass of brandy.        Collard had to lock her               
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