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Text for Page 140 [08-08-1860]

	          Rural Pleasures.
up and take her to gaol next morning.    Her
fellow-sinner got off with a fine of $10, in con-
sideration of his crops suffering, if he were imprison-
ed.        The examination would have transpired up-
stairs, but for our presence.
  9.  Thursday.  In doors most of the 
fore and afternoon, writing � the last fifteen pages
and letters to Morris, Boweryem, and a note to
Lotty, in answer to one of hers, arrived by today�s
mail, inclosed in Boweryem�s.        Lotty and �Jule�
are at Bleecker Street, occupying the back attic,
adjoining that opposite to mine: they propose going to the Phalanx
with Boweryem, from Wednesday till Monday.    Bow-
eryem writes that Stedman has left the Tribune for
the evening editorship of �the World.�   I carried out
the hoax about my arrest on board the Great East-
ern, to the fullest extent, in my letter to Morris,
and also made Addey commit suicide at Hoboken.
  In boat with Knudsen, Sally, Eliza and Jessie
in the evening, till the latter twain got out.    Knud-
sen and I rowed, severally, round the pond.   A
walk afterwards.      Matty went out for a ride
with Jack, this evening, and in Quackenkill, she
had what might have proved a dangerous fall,
pitching over the off-side of the horse, on her shoul-
der, at the expense of a few bruises and a fright.
They carried her into a house and camphored her,               
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