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Text for Page 141 [08-09-1860]

	        Out Riding with Sally.
while Jack caught the horse.   The brother and
sister returned at a walk.        Matt is more timid
and sits less securely than either Sally or Eliza,
the first of whom is really a good horsewoman.
Matty, too, once had a physical nervous affection,
akin to St Virus� dance, which made her limbs twitch
and tremble.      This perhaps she has never entirely
recovered from; or she is apprehensive of a relapse.
The girl is thinner, too, than she used to be, though
she doesn�t look it.
  10.  Friday.  Out a-horseback with Sally, she
in riding dress, with Scotch cap and feather,
looking well and sitting her horse capitally.  We
took the Petersburg road, resolved in a good long
ride.      The day a glorious summer� one, some
times exceedingly sultry, the landscape beautiful,
hill, mountain, valley and wood, alternately.
Sometimes we galloped, sometimes cantered, or
walked the horses and talked.            Of how many
things did Sally and I talk in that five
hours ride?      I think I have, partly from ac-
cident, partly from interest, more of the girl�s con-
fidence than any of my own sex.     Her position is
peculiar; shrewder, cleverer than either of her sis-
ters, having had more admirers (with deliberate
matrimonial intentions, too, she is less of a favorite
at home, particularly with her mother.   Indeed, they               
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