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Text for Page 142 [08-10-1860]

	       Her Family Confidences.
resemble each other too much for much liking.
Jack stands first in Mrs Edwards� affections,
as is commony the case where a mother has but one
son (a woman, especially a clever one, is proud
of a man-child and reverences his sex.)  She loves
Matty, as the simplest-hearted, most dutiful, the
one whose capacity seems to need most affection, next.
Eliza stands third in the list and Sally last.   This
I have known before the girl�s evidence confirmed it.
The position of the present family with respect to the
first one, helped to develop a latent antagonism
between mother and daughter.    Mrs Edwards, when
a Miss Sarah Leach, was governess in the family of
her predecessor who died in England, never coming
to this country.      Her husband�s exodus followed a
decline of fortune; he married again in Philadelphia,
where all the present family was born.       Of course
there were disagrements, if not quarrels between
the mother-in-law and the daughters of her predeces-
sor.       Jim Parton once sided with the latter, perhaps
when he was in love with Ann, (who refused him thrice)
though he is now a strenuous admirer and champion 
of his aunt.         Well; Sally was suspected of siding
with her half-sisters against her mother, of �saying
things� against her.      Others interfered to produce this
impression, Jim Parton�s sister, Mary Rogers being
distinguished in this way.   She is a little, clever woman,               
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