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Text for Page 144 [08-10-1860]

	          Sally�s Confidences.
closed it to the mother.    There was a row, but
Sally would not retract.            She must have been
unhappy enough at times, and rebellious in spirit,
for upon my incidentally mentioning a youthful pro-
ject of my own � when I came to maturity reckon-
ing up what I had cost and paying it, to be
quit of obligation � she acknowledged entertaining
a similar bitter fancy.                    She has heard Mat-
ty�s beauty praised, but evidently thinks cheaply,
if not a little contemptuously of her sister�s intel-
lect.    Sally, quick-spirited if not sensitive, resents
Matty�s occasional sulks, when the younger girl
will give short answers or none at all, as I, in
common with others, have experienced.   With Eliza
Sally is on good terms, making her a con-
fidante.    �Eliza,� she says, �don�t reflect, she
jumps at convictions, but somehow, is generally
right.�    To continue; Sally�s admirers, her persis-
tent reading of Thackeray, her spice of morbidness
arising from her position, have all contributed to
form a character I can be interested in and
then sympathize with.    She told me all about Haney,
about Nast, Monroe, and a former admirer of hers,
Truman Bonestal.      I was half-right in my sus-
picion that Haney wouldn�t have cared to have me
at Grafton, last year, I think.         He resented my
being on confidential terms with Sally, alluding to               
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