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Text for Page 148 [08-10-1860]

	    How the Girls teased Him.
repeat it after him (until he disliked her,) while Eliza laughed, rep-
rehended or �cut up� with him, with her customary
freedom.    He stood in awe of the family and
of its visitors and ingenuously used to contrast
his easy getting along at Sol Eytinge�s with his
restaurant at 745.          His passion for Sally was
of the speediest inception; his mother discovered it
in consequence of his want of appetite and discon-
solate appearance.     When he asked Sally, one quar-
ter in jest, three in earnest, in the stage on the way 
to Grafton If she loved him? she replied �Oh! cer-
tainly!�    He used to burst into apostrophes of �Ho-
pes and fears!� and tell her he feared she didn�t
understand their meaning.   �He was so innocent!�
says Sally.    In disposition and nature a perfect
contrast to her, she liked him and �the more fun
she made of him the more he liked her.�    She
had a lock of his hair, here, at Grafton, and keep-
ing it �in her dress,� on retiring each night she forgot
to put it in a place of safer keeping and it tumbled
on the floor repeatedly.    One morning Eliza discover-
ed it and the girls scattered it, �teasing him� about it
subsequently.    Sally gave him a lock of her hair, be-
fore he went to Europe.       Matt taxed her with it and
scolded her.    Haney �ran him down� a good deal,
subsequent to Grafton, said he was very ignorant,
that he could do this and that in his profession, but               
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