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Text for Page 153 [08-10-1860]

	Haney stands aside and watches.
and the date 1827 (the year subsequent to which
I was born � I thought of myself, a red
baby in midland England, at the time when the
owner surveyed his �new house� with pride, and
of the moments and years and experiences which
brought baby and house into momentary conjun-
ction.)           Farther on was a brawling stream-
let into which we rode our horses, permitting
them to drink.      They were very sociable horses
� fond of crowding together; had little Nast
been in my place he wouldn�t have objected 
to that.         Returning at length, within twenty
minutes of the Grafton House we came up with
all our party, out to look for us, for it was
2 P.M. an hour and a half after din-
ner time.   We galloped past and up to the house;
when they arrived, to our surprise, Haney was
of the party.        He had stood aside, under cover
of a stable, I think.              And within half an
hour subsequent, Mortimer Brown appeared;
like Haney he had travelled from Troy in a
vehicle hired for that special purpose.     Haney
told us of his going to Niagara with Parton,
and subsequently to Rochester, where they stayed
with the Rogers, at whose house Jim proposed
to remain for another week.           Mort Brown,
brother of a pretty sister, had also done his               
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