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Text for Page 154 [08-10-1860]

	        Knudsen the Dane.
first visit to Niagara and was fresh from fish-
ing in the St Lawrence.        With these accessions
to our party, we went bathing at the Second Pond,
by 4 in the afternoon, all going in but young
Brown.        In the evening, we hired a fiddler,
ensconsed him behind the ginger-beer counter and
got up a hop, keeping it up merrily till about
11.    Collard and his wife were present, and
a buxom unmarried sister of the latter.  Out of
doors, it was a wild, stormy night, with light-
ning and promise of rain.
  11.  Saturday.  A dull day, mist and rain.
We had talked of a journey to the Snow Hole,
but had to give it up.      I wrote for an hour or
so in my own room, while the rest played games
and �cut up� generally.       After dinner, though
the day was still gloomy, Haney took Eliza out 
for a drive and Mort Brown rode out with Sal-
ly.     Knudsen and I walked for a mile or so,
meeting the others, and talking about his na-
tive country.     He is a kindly, bearded, middle-
aged man, a bit of a pedant in a harmless way,
fond of argument, but a real good fellow.    He
is a tetotaller and ante-tobacco-ite, has a wife
in a lunatic asylum, but bears his private griefs
simply and nobly, saying nothing about them.
  We played vingt-un and read in the evening.               
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